09 September 2013

22 June 2013


Jadi ceritanya EXO comeback.

29 May 2012

As a Team, We Must be ONE

As a student, you must have been in a group project, right? Well, the same here.

But I've never doing good in those tasks. Group tasks. Working in a team.

As in example, when my team needed to make a presentation for certain subjects, I would end up not giving some people (my teammates) a chance, but at the last minute of the presentation when I needed them the most, they would turn their backs at me. Well, that's quite fair. That's fair for the dumb person typing this. The person who thinks she can do all the job alone. Selfish. Conceited. Arrogant. Name it all.

I should stop this mindset. I should. I must.

And then there are some people called bestfriends in my little world. Two people that I really respect right now.

A hardworking person and a smart-humble one. Could you ask a better bestfriends?

The hardworking person taught me to do your best at anything. I mean, anything. And be patient, but firm at the same time. I adore her for that, she's good leader and teacher for me.

The smart-humble person taught me to be a trustful person, to be a person that anyone can lean on and always play fair. She said there's no a successful football team without a good teamwork. Although the greatest football players gathered in a team, if there's no team work it would just be a waste.

and that words stabbed me.

Maybe I'm not a good teammate now, or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. But I'm trying my best to be a selfless, patient, and trustful person and also trust other people each day.

I maybe not a good teammate yet, but I'm trying to make my --our-- group the best, by making my --our-- group ONE

inspired by EXO and the leaders, maybe

Well, it's a wrong time to post something on blog, tomorrow is Wednesday, the most busiest day ever he he

20 May 2012

Trio P and Solo E

Lately, I've been influenced by my chairmate, njet (nabila zahrani v-_-v),  who likes to draw some doodles, and now here I am, keep drawing in the middle of the class and my study time. And since I have a drawing pen (two, plus my mother's)... I don't know anymore -_-

some of doodles I made.. not really appealing since I'm still trying to be good at this :D

Ehe, after I have Instagram in my phone, I started to share my doodles there and have been neglecting my deviantart account... not only because of that app, but my sister always in front of OUR laptop for 24/7 (not exacly 24, but yeah, I hardly touch it because of her) since she doesn't have anything to do because she already half way graduated from high school

Well, I can't say more about my sister or she will hunt me down

udah, berhenti pake bahasa inggris, capek -___--

Selain doodle, sekarang gue juga lagi seneng gambar baju, sepatu, sama aksesoris. Kayak kembali ke jaman smp kelas 8 (yang sampe gue dibikinin sketch book sama ibu), pas gue lagi baru pertama-tama kenal kpop dan terkejut liat baju-bajunya yang desainnya catchy di mata gue.

sekarang gue juga sering nge-sok expert gambar pake pulpen langsung, dan jadinya lebih banyak coretannya daripada gambar benerannya....

haduh sumpah deh postingan ini nggak ada yang penting. sumpah

OIYA! sebelum lupa gue mau ngasih tau (pansi sumpe) kalo gue ikut lomba mading di luar sekolah buat pertama kalinya loh.. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA seneng dan bahagia karena merasa dipercaya hehehe :> terus seperti biasa gue yang bertugas buat bikin layoutnya, dan gue inget doodlenya njet yang gambar sisik ikan (katanya) itu dan nyoba merealisasikannya jadi background sesuatu, dan...

Hehehehehe seneng banget deh beneran jadi layout nya dan sesuai dengan apa yang dibayangkan. Oiya bulet buletnya itu dari halaman hitam-putih The Jakarta Post hari jum'at tanggal 3 Mei kemaren. Ya sebenernya pake koran apa aja sih bisa, tapi itu cuma persiapan aja pas presentasi kalo jurinya nyadar backgroundnya itu bahasa inggris, tapi sayangnya jurinya nggak nanya itu -__- padahal gue udah nyiapin jawaban hiks gpp deh wkwkwkwkwkw

terus kan gue nyoba gambar beberapa temen gue, cepil dina ajeng cele.. dan hasilnya......

Sumpah gue nggak boong kalo gue takut sama gambar gue sendiri. Beneran. Emang, udah gue nggak expert gambar yang beginian masih aja sok.......

Oiya satu lagi.. berkaitan dengan judul ini.. gue bakal jelasin arti dibalik semuanya. Maksud dari Trio P itu pen, pencil, dan paper. Solo E itu eraser.

Penting? Enggak, makasih.

Oke udah stop aja baca postingan ini yak. Maap yak.